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Mar 272016

GETRAG 6DCT450 MPS6 6 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid Change

To help lower emissions and reduce fuel economy dual clutch transmission are becoming more popular in today’s vehicles. GETRAG have designed there own line of dual clutch transmission which many different vehicle manufactures use. Chrysler, Ford, Renault & Volvo use the 6DCT line of transmissions in various models and engine types. The question is when and how do you change the dual clutch transmission fluid.

GETRAG 6DCT MPS6 Dual Clutch Transmission Drain Plug Location

GETRAG 6DCT Drain Plug Location

Service Interval…

Normally manufactures state when to change the fluids, Chrysler’s & Ford’s are normally every 48 months others could be fill for life. Rule of the thumb is to check the level  and sight the quality of the fluid and make a decision. This is where the 6DCT transmission becomes interesting, as they have a multi-chamber fluid system. This means there are 3 different chambers that have 3 different levels so checking the level it not as easy as removing a check plug.

Draining The Fluid…

With a multi-chamber fluid system there are 3 different chambers which means 3 different drain plugs. Each chamber needs to be drained, it’s also a good idea to remove the fill plug and the check level plug to allow cross ventilation to allow the fluid to drain faster.

GETRAG 6DCT MPS6 Dual Clutch Transmission External Filter Location

GETRAG 6DCT External Filter Location

External Filter Change…
The transmission has an external filter which can be changed during fluid change. There is also an internal filter however the transmission need to be removed from the vehicle and the transmission to be dismantled.

Filling Procedure…

With the 3 drain plugs fitted the transmission can now be filled with the recommend fluid via the filler plug on top of the transmission. The check plug near the drive shaft should still be removed to allow the fluid to travel through the three chambers. The transmission could take up to 8 litres of fluid including enough to allow for the fluid check procedure.

Fluid Level Check Procedure…

This is where things get interesting and normally when the fluid starts to run out of the check plug the transmission is full. Well due to the multi chamber layout there could be air lock in the system and the fluid will need to be filled and then check measured.

GETRAG 6DCT MPS6 Dual Clutch Transmission Filler Plug Location

GETRAG 6DCT Filler Plug Location

First Stage of Fluid Level

  • First fill the with 5 litres of fluid and check fluid level check plug.
  • If no fluid is seen at the check plug continue to fill in 500ml increments.
  • When fluid is seen running from the check plug start the engine and allow to idle.
  • If fluid stops running continue to fill in 500ml increments.
  • When fluid is running from the check plug you can select Drive & Reverse with foot on brake pedal and allow fluid to stop running

Second Stage of Fluid Level

  • Now to be sure the fluid level is correct and no air locks pour 250ml of fluid into the filler plug.
  • Then catch what ever fluid runs out of the check plug , if correct level you should catch 250ml.
  • if you catch less you need to continue to fill with 250ml increment and catch the fluid untill you catch 250ml only then it is full.
  • Refit check level and filler plugs and road test vehicle.

Check Level Notes

GETRAG 6DCT MPS6 Dual Clutch Transmission Check Level Plug Location

GETRAG 6DCT Check Level Plug Location

  • We have carried out this procedure a few time although its sounds like it will take forever its not that bad once you get the hang of it.
  • The best thing it to have more fluid than needed we always make sure we have minimum 8 liters on hand.
  • The correct temp is from 30°c – 45°c the fluid does not get that hot to really worry about it.
  • We have never re checked fluid after a road test as it can give a false reading requiring the check procedure to be done again.

Recommended Fluids…

  • Fuchs TITAN DCTF Fluid
  • Penrite DCT Fluid
  • Motul Multi DCTF Fluid
  • (Please check fluids notes as they may not be recommended during manufacturers warranty fluid)

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Jan 032016

Volkswagen 0AM DSG 7 speed Dual Clutch Gearbox Oil Filling Procdure

The new 7 speed Dual Clutch Gearbox from Volkswagen now has a separate Mechatronics unit fitted. The previous 02E 6 speed required a special DSG fluid where the new 0AM 7 speed uses a more common 75W/90 gear oil. The 0AM 7 speed also has the mechatronics unit separate with its own special mechatronics fluid. This fluid is not available or hard to find and there is also no level check on the mechatronics.

Volkswagen 0AM 7 speed Dual Clutch Gearbox Drain Plug

Volkswagen 0AM DSG 7 speed Gearbox Drain Plug

Servicing Schedule…

Volkswagen states the fluid is fill for life however alot of service books/guides state change the fluid every 60,000kms/48 Month log book service.

Draining The Gear Oil…

First you will need a container with a measure on it to catch the fluid before draining. The drain plug is a large female HEX plug on the bottom of the transmission remove this to drain the gear oil from the transmission.

Required Refill Amount…

Its always good to measure the amount of fluid removed as the transmission only requires 1.8 litre’s (1.9 quart’s) and there is on level check.

Refilling the Fluid…

After draining the fluid refit the drain plug and tighten (30Nm), next locate the breather on the top of the transmission on the plate where the gear selector is connected. You need to pop the breather cap off (it may break as its plastic) and connect a hose to it and your bottle of fluid. The factory fill procedure is gravity filled so its not recommended to pump the fluid into this location as it could cause problems.

Volkswagen 0AM DSG 7 speed Dual Clutch Gearbox Filler Plug

Volkswagen 0AM DSG 7 speed Gearbox Filler Plug

Correct Level Check…

The level is set by the amount you put in there is no level check plug or dip stick to set the correct level. If you drain less then 1.8 Litres its still a good idea to fill the transmission with 1.8 litres of fluid.


Please use the following information as a guide and if you are changing the fluid or have been caught out removing the wrong drain plug. We also have an alternative filling procedure please see link below.

Recommended Gear Oil Fluids out of Warranty Period…


Volkswagen 0AM DSG 7 speed Dual Clutch Gearbox Filler Hose Adapter

Volkswagen 0AM DSG 7 speed Gearbox Filler Hose Adap

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