Jul 012012


The New Mazda CX-9 & CX7’s are a popular choice with growing families with its luxury interior & stylish looks it makes it very hard to look past as your next family vehicle. However the 6 speed Automatic Transmission hides some expensive problems if not looked after. As these are only just starting to run out of manufacturers warranty (3 Years Unlimited Kilometer Warranty) its recommend to seek the advice of your local Automatic Transmission Specialist before returning to the Manufacture.

The Transmission…

Its manufactured by Aisin Warner and the code on the box is AW23 its a Newer version of the AW21/TF-81SC.

The Problem…

It starts out as a noise from the front end usually on the passengers side when turning @ low speed. Most commonly herd while in  a car park as it will echo off the walls and can get quite loud as it get’s worse. The next symptom is a bad burning oil smell in the car due to the fresh air setting on the climate control. The final sign is a locking sensation of the wheel while reversing. It starts out as not much but it will come and go in the beginning but left to long it will cause the vehicle to bind up in reverse and it will feel like your foots on the brake while trying to accelerate in reverse.

The Cause…

Currently these can be fixed adderallonlinexr.com under warranty and Mazda will replace the Transmission and the All Wheel Drive Transfer Case. The problem lies inside the transfer case and if its not covered through warranty you will need to have the transfer removed and either rebuilt or replaced. Its recommended to seek quotes from the Manufacture, Transmission Specialist or a Differential Specialist before you outlay your hard earned cash. Reports from CX-9 owners are that Mazda has quoted up to $7000 to replace the transmission & transfer as they sell them as one unit.


Due to the price of this repair its recommended to replace the Transmission & Transfer oil from about 40,000kms then every 20,000kms after that. With the issue accruing as low as 80,000kms it not worth risking leaving it to chance. If you get caught and have to outlay your money to fix the issue always chase quotes and it should only need the transfer case repaired.

Oil Information…

During manufactures warranty period it is recommended to use Genuine Oil. After warranty period is over the following oil can be used.

Valvoline Recommends – MaxLife Automatic Transmission Fluid
Castrol Recommends – Castrol Transmax E
Fuchs Recommends – Titan ATF 4400

Transfer Case
Fuchs Recommends – Titan Sintopoid LS 75W-140

If you cant find any of these oils and your located in Australia please contact us and we will point you in the right direction. admin@furitech.com.au