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In 1980 an Australian Entrepreneur by the name of Leon Simons established Nulon products with 9 specific Lubricants amid tough competition from Australia and around the world. His drive and passion for the lubricant industry has led Nulon to become one of Australia`s great business stories.

Started from humble beginnings in a garage based in the northern suburbs of Sydney, Nulon has grown into one of Australia`s leading automotive lubricant brands. Backed by a state of the art production facility in Sydney, blending over 120 high performance products to consumers across Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia.

There strong focus on research and development has led to the products that improve the performance, efficiency and longevity of customers’ vehicles. One area that Nulon is currently leading the charge is in reducing internal engine friction within a combustion engine. There full synthetic oils with a unique Moly DTc and Moly Amine combination has been independently tested against the world’s best oils with incredible results.

Moly DTc and Moly Amine combination

Utilizing the latest global specifications along with the maximum amount of high performance additives, Nulon full synthetic engine oils offer peace of mind protection from highly tuned race cars to the sedate family wagon. Covering the majority of manufacturers specifications and Dexos approvals, Nulon’s full synthetic engine oils are the choice for performance workshops to the DIY enthusiast.

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Nulon has grown into one of Australia`s leading automotive lubricant brands