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Hello and welcome, Furitech Automotive is an online Information database for the Automatic Transmission Industry. If your looking for information on Automatic Transmissions Furitech is here to help!

With the internet now one of the go to places to find information its often the its hard to find or incorrect. Here at Furitech we only post information we have used to fix vehicles in our shop, we also post this information on the site so we can also search the site easily than opening files or reading manuals.

Please also check out our oil chooser page  which can be used to find the correct fluid/oil for your vehicle. This is great for workshops to be saved as your home page so mechanics can quickly check what is the correct fluid they need for the Differential or Transmission. With 13 different oil manufactures listed if one in Refer to Dealer simply check with another and know you have used the correct fluid.

This site is currently free to use and will remain free if our Google Sponsorship allows the site to pay its own way. If your company has a product or service it wishes to promote on this site please contact via email.

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